Decarbonization Download: 5 Qs with Preservation of Affordable Housing

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Sep 23, 2021

Decarbonization is central to efficient operations and robust financial performance. Through the Better Buildings Low Carbon Pilot, DOE is working with market leaders to demonstrate real-world successes in achieving low and no carbon emissions from building and manufacturing operations.

To highlight the important work of Low Carbon Pilot partners, DOE is launching a new video series, Decarbonization Download: 5 Qs with… These conversations with partners will explore the importance of decarbonization, challenges, and their goals for the future.


In this first installment, Better Buildings Director Maria T. Vargas sat down with Julie Klump of Preservation of Affordable Housing, a multifamily housing partner, to discuss their Low Carbon Pilot projects, advice for other organizations looking to decarbonize, and the nexus with resilience. Learn more about the Low Carbon Pilot and discover more than 3,000 proven efficiency solutions on the Better Buildings Solution Center.

Read the full transcript of the uncut interview here.