Coming Soon to a Screen Near You: SWAP Season 2 Featuring U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Air Force Academy

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Nov 29, 2016

Could harnessing America’s binge-watching habits change the world? With the launch of Season 2 of the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP we hope to find out. Touching down tomorrow, this season features two natural rivals – the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Air Force Academy – as they swap energy teams with a mission to improve each campus’ energy efficiency.

Click here to watch all the SWAP Season 2 episodes tomorrow.


In Season 2, the Air Force Academy’s energy team examines the energy infrastructure at the Naval Academy’s campus in Annapolis, Maryland. The Naval Academy’s team does the same at the Air Force Academy’s campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each partner identifies energy saving solutions in buildings they have never seen before. They tackle challenges ranging from exploring new technology to save energy in historic buildings, to working with students and faculty on encouraging behavior change.

The three episode web series, complete with photos and bonus videos is available tomorrow. While the episodes are short (about 7 mins each), we think they are engaging and convey the drive for continual innovation that characterizes partnership in Better Buildings. You can also dig into recommendations, meet the teams, and more on the SWAP website.

Episode 1 | At the Air Force Academy

Follow the U.S. Naval Academy team as they explore the U.S. Air Force campus’ busy dining hall and kitchen, academic hall, dorm, and solar panels.



Episode 2 | At the Naval Academy

Watch the U.S. Air Force Academy team explore the U.S. Naval Academy’s dining facility, dorm room, athletic field house, academic hall, and biodigester process.



Episode 3 | Recommendations and Solutions

Hear what the U.S. Naval Academy team had to say about food waste, kitchen equipment, and heat transfer. Hear what the U.S. Air Force Academy team had to say about daylight harvesting, behavior change, and HVAC upgrades. See how students will help shape the future of energy efficiency.




When we announced the Better Buildings Challenge SWAP in May of 2015 at the Better Buildings Summit, our goal was to find a new way to highlight leaders and share how everyone can learn from their peers, even those from an industry completely different than their own. After all, that is a large part of what the Better Buildings Challenge is all about.

Season 1 with Whole Foods Market and Hilton Worldwide showed us the true power of partners working together to find solutions. The first SWAP saw more than 400,000 viewers tuning in on YouTube as they went behind-the-scenes with the two respected organizations, bringing fresh perspective to energy efficiency efforts in U.S. buildings.

Both Hilton and Whole Foods saw a reduction in energy use at their properties as a result of SWAP. And DOE saw a 24 percent increase in membership of the Better Buildings Challenge initiative, with new organizations coming on board, including Nike, CenturyLink and U.C. Berkeley.