Cleveland Clinic - Twinsburg Family Health Center Spends a Little and Saves Big

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Mar 27, 2017

At the Twinsburg Family Health and Surgery Center, part of Cleveland Clinic’s network of hospitals and healthcare facilities, the answer to more savings was in low and no-cost improvements.

The Twinsburg facility was designed and certified LEED Gold, but after only a year of operation was using far more energy than it should have been. A building commissioning and optimization team identified operational, basic maintenance, and employee engagement opportunities that would cause minimal disruption to patient care and maximize improvements for energy performance and patient comfort.

Cleveland Clinic made four primary changes at Twinsburg, and achieved 36 percent savings in energy use intensity (EUI), or $246,000 annually. All the improvements implemented, were low or no-cost adjustments to operations and employee behavior, combined with regular maintenance, including:

  • Optimizing air exchange rates in operating rooms
  • Setting temperatures to a range of 68-74 °F in non-patient care areas
  • Improving temperature resets of rooftop units.
  • Maintaining and optimizing air filters

To learn more details about the energy efficiency measures, check out the full Showcase Project in the Better Buildings Solution Center!