The City of Reno Joins Better Buildings Challenge, Sees Sure Bet Win in Energy and Water Savings

Welcome to the Better Buildings Challenge, Reno! The Biggest Little City in the World has set out to reduce energy and water consumption by 20 percent by the year 2025 in municipal buildings and in participating commercial, multifamily, and industrial buildings across the City.

The City of Reno has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability in recent years under the leadership of Mayor Hillary Schieve and joining the Challenge takes the City’s efforts a step further.

This year, City Council Member David Bobzien and the City Manager’s Commercial Green Building Task Force collaborated on a resolution that created a Better Buildings Challenge program in Reno. The Challenge will be a central pillar of a new REENERGIZE RENO initiative, which will promote cost-saving energy and water efficiency technologies and practices across the City, support the creation of high-quality local jobs, and help renew Reno’s building stock. 

Through the Challenge, the City will track and report portfolio-wide energy and water data for 37 municipal buildings covering 1.5 million square feet as well as one wastewater treatment facility. These facilities will be benchmarked against similar buildings to evaluate performance, helping the City identify the very best opportunities for cost-saving projects and measures and to track efficiency progress.   

To achieve even greater cost savings and fully realize the benefits of building efficiency, the City is also partnering with private and other community building owners who will advance energy and water efficiency improvements in their buildings and share their results and effective solutions.

The City joins 345 Better Buildings Challenge participants, who have saved $1.9 billion in energy cost savings since the program launched in 2011.

With the support of other local energy initiatives, Reno will be facilitating a series of free workshops, training sessions, building tours, and networking events to help REENERGIZE RENO partners share solutions, address barriers, and realize their energy and water savings goals.