Bullitt County Public School District: A Growing School System Expands with Energy Efficiency

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Mar 27, 2017

Kentucky’s Bullitt County Public School District (BCPS) has experienced a lot of expansion and growth system-wide, adding 600,000 square feet of new space in the last decade alone. Even the older buildings are expanding! For example, Mt. Washington Elementary was originally built in 1974, with 51,991 square feet of building space. During the recent district renovation, the building size was increased to 64,797 square feet. The additional square footage will be used to increase classroom space, create a larger media center, and install a new gymnasium.  Mt. Washington Elementary is undergoing a $4.5 million renovation. In addition to adding nearly 13,000 square feet for new facilities, the school is getting upgrades to the HVAC system and both interior and exterior lighting.

The HVAC rooftop units are being replaced with brand new geothermal units that will have wireless controls tied to the District’s centralized Building Automation System (BAS). All of the interior and exterior lighting is being upgraded from T8 fluorescents to LEDs.

Mt. Washington’s upgrades are expected to take around 18 months to complete. When the projects are wrapped up, BCPS expects 20 percent energy use savings, or $15,000 a year, from the new systems. Better control of the geothermal system is another benefit and is expected to improve air quality for students. Combined, these upgrades should reduce labor and maintenance costs for BCPS. For more information about this showcase project, check it out in the Better Buildings Solution Center!