Better Buildings Summit Showcase Tours: The Washington Hilton Hotel

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jun 22, 2017

Stay tuned for more highlights from this year’s Better Buildings Summit Showcase Tours.

Built in 1965, the Washington Hilton is a regular host to the White House Correspondents Dinner, the National Prayer Breakfast, and in recent years, the Better Buildings Summit! Hilton Worldwide, a flagship Better Buildings Challenge partner, hosted a behind-the-scenes tour for Summit attendees to showcase their sustainability efforts. The group was able to explore the roof, the central plant, the boiler and chiller rooms, a guestroom, and the kitchen, in addition to a Q&A with Hilton’s Malick Gueye. All steam is produced onsite, and all boiler and chiller equipment is monitored through the building automation system. The hotel also uses a food digester to discard food waste in the kitchen; the digester uses chemicals to turn food waste into a liquid, which is pushed down a drain to sewage. Hilton is planning to install occupancy-based plug controls in guestrooms via door locks/door sensors; the original wiring system of the hotel does not allow for central automation. The hotel has been collecting energy data in LightStay, Hilton’s internal sustainability monitoring tool, since 2010; they’ve achieved 16% energy savings over three years and received DOE’s SEP Certification in 2015.

Check out these photos from the Washington Hilton building tour; thank you to Malick Gueye with Hilton! 

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Hilton’s Malick Gueye answers tour attendee questions in the lobby.














Attendees get a view of the D.C. skyline and the hotel’s rooftop HVAC system.














The Orca food digester in the Hilton kitchen.