Better Buildings Challenge Partner, Sprint, Delivers Effective Preventative Maintenance Strategy

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Sep 06, 2017

Proper building maintenance is a critical component of any facility’s sustainability strategy. Without the right tools in place, it can be challenging to know if your HVAC system has leaky chilled water valves or outdoor air sensor drift. Better Buildings Challenge partner, Sprint, has a tool that can mitigate energy loss from standard preventative maintenance.

In the age of big data, companies everywhere are looking to gain critical insights to all facets of their businesses. From customer trends in sales data to correcting supply chain inefficiencies, accurate and effective data analytics is critical to a well-functioning organization. Engineering professionals can’t manage what is not measured, and when it comes to energy consumption, proper data insight can be a crucial element in reducing energy costs.

Businesses like Sprint are continually learning how to apply energy management technologies, such as advanced energy management information systems (EMIS), which can enable significant energy savings, often with rapid payback.

In their headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, Sprint installed Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) software for its HVAC system in 2014. This system detects faults and continuously analyzes HVAC operations.

The Power of Analytics

HVAC systems have a variety of different components, and usually these parts require maintenance over certain intervals. What if a portion of the HVAC system breaks down before scheduled maintenance? Sprint uses FDD to ensure its HVAC system components are working properly, including air handlers, computer room air-conditioning units (CRACs), fan-powered terminal boxes, and fan coil units.

Sprint’s FDD software has saved the company a tremendous amount in maintenance costs, as it has successfully detected:

  • Stuck dampers on air handlers
  • Leaky chilled water valves
  • Outdoor air sensor drift
  • Stuck dampers on VAV boxes

The Essential Human Element

While building analytics can help organizations identify mechanical issues within energy systems, facility maintenance personnel must take action to ensure the irregularities are corrected before costly mechanical failure ensues. For Sprint, FDD software is a tool to help staff direct personnel where it’s needed most.

Partnering for Success

Sprint teamed up with CBRE|ESI, its FDD service provider, to optimize HVAC operations. This partnership allows Sprint to leverage the technical expertise that CBRE|ESI provides, while gaining a fresh perspective on their building operations.

Also, Sprint has been recognized by the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign's Best Practice in Use of EMIS, and their full case study can be read here.