Back to (Zero Energy) School

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Sep 01, 2017

Students are heading back to school, which means spending money on supplies, books, and all the other essentials. But schools can save money by unlocking their energy savings potential. Zero-energy schools can use up to 80 percent less energy than conventional schools; DOE’s Monica Kanojia at the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy recently profiled the Better Buildings Zero Energy Schools Accelerator to explore how.

Zero energy schools are energy efficient buildings where, on a source energy basis, the actual annual energy delivered is less than or equal to the onsite renewable energy produced. Learn how DOE is working with K-12 school districts across the country to achieve zero-energy, and some of the tools to do so, including:

  • LED Lighting
  • Solar panels
  • Solar orientation and shading
  • Geothermal well fields
  • And more!

Read EERE’s full article here.