Apply now to become a 2021 Green Lease Leader

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Nov 13, 2020

The Green Lease Leaders application for 2021 recognition is officially open! Get recognized for your smart leasing efforts and showcase your commitment to sustainability. Owners and tenants are both invited to apply. You can use the Lease Audit Tool to determine if your organization meets the recognition requirements and to identify opportunities to align your efforts with this internationally-recognized standard.

Green Lease Leaders is a recognition program developed through DOE’s Better Buildings Initiative and the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT). Now entering its 8th year, the program recognizes landlords, tenants, and real estate teams in the commercial and public sectors for smart lease clauses and corporate guidelines that break down barriers to higher-performing buildings. To date, the program has recognized partners representing nearly 3 billion square feet of buildings.

Through these modernized leases and corporate guidelines, landlords and tenants are establishing relationships that incentivize sustainability objectives such as energy and water efficiency as well as occupant health.  

At the 2020 Greenbuild virtual conference, recipients of the 2020 Green Lease Leaders award Aligned and California Department of General Services (DGS) shared their green leasing best practices. As a renewed Green Lease Leader recipient, California DGS provided insight into how their standard tenant green lease has evolved since initial recognition in 2017 to be consistent with the California market’s progressive sustainability standards for buildings. Aligned celebrated its first year of recognition and shared how green leasing facilitates its sustainable design and operations approach for data centers.

If your organization is interested in joining this diverse group of innovators, we welcome you to apply to be a Green Lease Leader. For more information about green leasing, check out the Green Lease Library. Applications are due March 31, 2021.