5 Questions with Paul Wessel of the Green Parking Council

By Better Buildings Beat Team on May 27, 2015

We sat down with Paul Wessel, executive director of the Green Parking Council, a nonprofit that helps parking facilities adopt environmental, technological and economic sustainability, to foster the industry’s growth into a positive force in the built environment. He took some time to answer 5 questions on energy efficiency:     


If you could sum up your brand of energy efficiency in just a few words?

High-performance and customer-friendly.

What is your landmark energy solution?

Inspiring the most energy efficient parking garages on the planet. We’d love to see high performance garages that save energy, produce energy and encourage multi modal transportation, and help people efficiently get from place to place.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

To help property owners see their parking garages as an opportunity. When they do, they realize that there are wonderful things you can do with solar, high performance lighting, smart technologies, connected vehicles and connected people

If you could invent one energy-saving solution, what would it be?

Future proofing. I want to be able to hire someone who is going to give me the highest performing, most efficient technology to meet my needs, and pay them some money every month, and they will automatically update the technology and figure out what I need.

What do you know now about energy efficiency versus when you started?

I’m impressed with the community of people who gather around the Better Buildings Alliance. They come from all different sides of the question, but are united by the idea that it’s good for the planet and good for our businesses to help our properties operate more efificently and sustainably. It feels like this program has really blossomed over the last four years.

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