2019 Building Tours: Volvo Group North America's Hagerstown Plant

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Aug 05, 2019

On July 9, D.C.-area properties opened their doors to 2019 Summit attendees to showcase their stand-out energy, water, and renewable efficiency measures. Below are highlights from one of the tours.

Volvo Group North America gave a tour highlighting their production facility in Hagerstown, Maryland, as well as state-of-the-art crankshaft grinding machines that help reduce energy consumption at the plant. The Better Plants Challenge partner retrofitted crankshaft grinders with Computer Numerically Controlled grinding machines, replacing 13 machines with only three energy-efficient models; the upgrade was featured in a recent showcase project.

The new energy-efficient machines process more crankshafts per day, while reducing electricity consumption by 56%, water consumption by 53%, and coolant chemicals by 60%. The new grinding machines also generate less waste, enabling the facility to divert 68 tons from the landfill. The project was completed in 2014 as a part of the ISO 50001 EnMS and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification, with total energy savings helping the facility achieve platinum-level SEP certification.

Enjoy photos from the tour below!

1. Tour participants gather in front of Volvo Group’s 1.5 million square-foot Hagerstown, Maryland, facility, which employs 1,800 people who produce heavy-duty diesel engines, transmission, and axles for Mack Trucks, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Buses, and Prevost coaches
2. Attendees taking a look at the facility’s state-of-the-art crankshaft grinders
3. Volvo's Environmental Manager, Mark Pannell, describes how a facility crankshaft grinder machine works