2019 Building Tours: Data Centers Joint Tour

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Aug 02, 2019

On July 9, D.C.-area properties opened their doors to 2019 Summit attendees to showcase their stand-out energy, water, and renewable efficiency measures. Below are highlights from one of the tours.

Better Buildings Data Center partners Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (DLR) and Iron Mountain Incorporated (IRM) hosted a joint tour for attendees of the 2019 Better Buildings Summit, showcasing their industry-leading, energy-efficient co-location data centers in Northern Virginia. DLR’s massive Ashburn Campus is comprised of 21 data center facilities, totaling over 1 million square feet of white space, and a critical IT capacity of 450 MW. To ensure the best possible performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, DLR works with customers to deploy various energy conservation measures (ECMs), including server rack blanking panels, LED lighting, separate computer room air handler (CRAH) aisles, and advanced metering utilizing data analytics and AI to enable near real-time system optimization.

Nearby, IRM’s growing Manassas Campus illustrates the organization’s history as a security firm specializing in asset protection and risk management, combined with a very energy-efficient data center operation that includes custom hot and cold aisle containment in tandem with separate CRAH aisles for superb energy management. Both organizations are dedicated to advancing their positions as energy efficiency leaders in the co-location data center space, sourcing power utilized from 100% renewable generation sources (solar PV and wind). These standout partners also offer energy efficiency programs to their customers, such as Green Leasing (DLR) and Green Power Pass (IRM), as well as continuing to pursue additional energy efficiency certifications such as EPA’s ENERGY STAR® (DLR) and implementing internationally-recognized continuous energy improvement programs such as ISO 50001 (IRM).

Many thanks to John Dumler (Director of Energy Management, Digital Realty) and James Henry (Global Compliance Analyst, Iron Mountain) for co-hosting this tour! Enjoy photos from the tour below.

1. - 2. Digital Realty's data center campus in Ashburn, Virginia