2019 Building Tours: Channel Square Apartments

By Better Buildings Beat Team on Jul 30, 2019

On July 9, D.C.-area properties opened their doors to 2019 Summit attendees to showcase their stand-out energy, water, and renewable efficiency measures. Below are highlights from one of the tours.

NHT Communities hosted 2019 Better Buildings Summit attendees for a tour of its Southwest D.C. Waterfront multifamily property. Lead by Kathleen Berube, NHT’s Sustainable Development Manager, the Channel Square Apartments tour kicked off with an introduction to the planning and financing of the building’s retrofit and renewable projects. NHT Communities used over $300,000 in incentives from the D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility to implement a comprehensive bundle of efficiency measures as well as 320 kW of solar PV and a 60-therm solar hot water heater. Attendees were able to see the mechanical room, model units, and the rooftop solar arrays. You can learn more about the property from its Better Buildings Showcase Project, and explore NHT’s Renewable Solar Financing Model here.

Please enjoy photos from the tour below!

1. The main lobby of Channel Square Apartments
2. A view of the solar arrays in the parking lot
3.-4. The group tours a model unit
5. The mechanical room
6. A view of the nearby park and one of the rooftop arrays
7. Kathleen Berube speaks to attendees about the rooftop solar arrays
8.-9. Channel Square's rooftop solar panels