The 2015 Compact of Mayors: Brings in over 20 Better Buildings Challenge Partners

In 2014 at the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, cities from around the world signed the Compact of Mayors, which establishes a common platform to capture the impact of the cities’ collective actions through the standardized measurement of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and assessment of climate risk.  As of the recent 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, France, this Compact consisted of 396 cities from around the world, all of which committed to substantially reducing their carbon impact. Upon joining, cities pledge to comply with a series of steps including: announcing a formal commitment, providing a community-wide GHG inventory, establishing vulnerability assessments and reduction targets, and defining a strategic action plan within three years.

Of the 118 US cities that have joined the compact, 23 of these cities are also partners in the Energy Department's Better Buildings Challenge. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, local government partners commit to a 20% reduction in energy efficiency and the deployment of energy saving solutions to common energy efficiency barriers facing local governments.  By disseminating these results to other municipalities, partners demonstrate their leadership to reduce carbon emissions on a national level. In turn, these cities are also learning from  other participating cities worldwide that have signed the Compact, and relaying important carbon mitigation strategies back to the United States.

The following cities are both partners and Compact of Mayors signatories. You can read more about each city's committments and gather insight on their strategies to advance energy efficiency by clicking the links below: