​​​​​​​TIAA Exemplifies Leadership in Sharing Energy and Water Efficiency Solutions

By Cindy Zhu, U.S. Department of Energy on Mar 30, 2016

TIAA, one of the first commercial real estate partners to step up to the Better Buildings Challenge in 2011, has been demonstrating their energy and water efficiency leadership ever since.

Most recently, TIAA is sharing three new energy and water solutions, bringing its total solutions to five. The company has shared the most of any partner, setting the pace for other  partners to follow.

Nick Stolatis, Senior Director Global Sustainability and Enterprise Initiatives, also will be sharing TIAA strategies for success at this year’s Better Buildings Summit. Check out his presentation on Monday, May 9th at the session titled Invest to Impress! Energy Efficiency Considerations for Investment Owners.

Here are the latest contributions from TIAA:

  • 1401 H Street (City Center) Water Showcase Project: By upgrading toilets and urinals, replacing aerators and adjusting the frequency of sidewalk cleanings, TIAA reduced annual water consumption by 36% at this property. When aggregated, the projects yielded an overall payback period of 1.8 years and an ROI of 56%.
  • 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue Energy Showcase Project: TIAA achieved annual energy savings 35% at this property by enhancing HVAC controls, improving building pressurization, and upgrading interior and exterior lighting. When aggregated, the projects yielded an overall payback period of 3.5 years and an ROI of 29%.