Energy Management Information Systems

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Fact Sheet

This fact sheet provides an overview of LBNL's EMIS Field Evaluation Protocols and describes how their use can overcome barriers to EMIS adoption.


This handbook will give you the information you need to plan an energy-management strategy that works for your building, making it more energy efficient. 
This Monitoring-Based Commissioning Plan Template is designed to assist building staff in developing a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) process.
With the number of EMIS field validation projects growing, the EMIS Field Evaluation Protocol provides a standardized way to assess benefits. 


The focus of this study is energy information systems, broadly defined as performance monitoring software, data acquisition hardware, and communication systems used to store, analyze, and display building energy data. 
This guide presents an overview of the top energy-savings opportunities in commercial buildings and shows how they can be identified using the type of interval meter analytics offered in EIS technologies or using the automated analytics offered in FDD systems.
This EMIS primer can be used as a first orienting step; it does not detail specific technology features, but instead provides a high-level overview of primary applications within each category.

Technical Assistance

This reporting template, which is a companion to the EMIS Field Evaluation Protocol, can be used to capture essential information from EMIS field evaluations.

Additional Information

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Prior research in energy information systems, including projects, publications, and presentations.

The Building Performance Tracking Handbook: Continuous Improvement for Every Building
A resource from the California Commissioning Collaborative regarding a comprehensive process for performance improvement, including the use of EMIS.