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Technology Campaigns & Challenges

Technology Campaigns, led by DOE’s National Labs, aim to accelerate the adoption of efficient building technologies by providing technical assistance, resources, and guidance on implementation best practices. 

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Smarter Small Buildings Campaign

Small- and medium-sized buildings served by packaged rooftop HVAC units (RTUs) comprise the majority of commercial buildings in the United States; participants in the Smarter Small Buildings Campaign work to improve comfort, save on energy costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by leveraging technical assistance from DOE.


Building Envelope Campaign

A building's envelope (windows, walls, roof) accounts for approximately 30% of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings; participants in the Building Envelope Campaign work to improve the performance of building envelopes in both new and existing buildings by setting goals for performance, determining available energy savings, and leveraging technical support from DOE.

Integrated Lighting Campaign

Less than 1% of lighting systems in the U.S. are capable of communicating with other building systems to enable additional energy-saving opportunities. Growing out of the Interior Lighting Campaign, the new ILC is expanding its focus from interior lighting improvements to the integration of new uses for energy-efficient lighting with linking controls between HVAC units, plug loads, and occupancy sensors.

photograph of technician using a smart diagnostic device at a houseSmart Tools for Efficient HVAC Performance Campaign

Energy waste from equipment malfunctions in central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps costs equipment owners an estimated $2.5 billion annually. The STEP Campaign aims to accelerate the adoption of HVAC smart diagnostic tools that enable contractors to commission new HVAC systems more efficiently and identify malfunctions in existing systems at a much lower cost.

IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Challenge

Calling all participants: The DOE-sponsored IoT (Internet of Things) Upgradeable Lighting Challenge invites end-users and manufacturers to be recognized for their participation and creative input regarding the widespread adoption of IoT-Upgradeable lighting. Click the graphic to learn more.


Discover Technology Info Suites

Technology Information Suites are designed to help you better understand and overcome technical barriers related to specific technologies.

Market Solutions Research

The Market Solutions Research teams coordinate with industry leaders to overcome non-technical barriers to energy efficiency by executing stakeholder engagement, research, and market intervention efforts.

Explore Technology Research Teams

 Experts from DOE's National Labs analyze the latest research and development on a range of building technologies with the goal of providing market-ready solutions to partners.