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Design and Construction Allies

Decisions made by the design and construction community impact how much energy, water, waste, and carbon buildings use during the occupancy phase. Thus, the design and construction community can play a key role in reducing the impact of the built environment. To address challenges that the design and construction industry face, DOE created the Better Buildings Alliance - Design and Construction Allies. Allies set goals to deliver energy, water, waste, and carbon reductions in new construction and retrofit projects and demonstrate their processes and successes by documenting best practices. The Allies Program launched in September 2020.

Join Upcoming Webinars

Dedicated to bringing you the latest actionable insights on today's energy efficiency landscape, the Better Buildings Webinar Series is a chance to explore the topics and trends that affect your organization with industry experts and your peers.

Become a Design & Construction Ally

DOE is actively seeking Architects, Engineers, and Contractors to help drive energy, waste, water, and carbon efficiency through the design and construction process for commercial, multifamily, and public buildings.

Meet the Allies

Meet the Design + Construction Allies who have set goals for delivering more sustainable buildings and sharing best practices. 


Meet the Technology Expert

Dr. Sammy Houssainy joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Commercial Buildings Group in 2017 after completing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research at UCLA focused on the design, analysis, and optimization of hybrid thermal and compressed air energy storage systems at community scales. His research interests include advanced data analytics, district energy analysis and optimization, and the design of building and community scale systems.