Better Buildings Alliance: Resources

Implementation Models
Better Buildings partners create unique, replicable implementation models for overcoming common energy efficiency barriers, so other organizations can apply these strategies and achieve similar savings. Each implementation model offers real life resources that you can download and use to help your organization implement a similar strategy.

Better Buildings programs host interactive webinars featuring a variety of topics that leading businesses, manufacturers, local and state governments, face when exploring cost-effective ways to integrate energy savings into their daily building operations. Presenters share best practices, lessons learned, and participants have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss strategies with experts.

Case studies, reports, publications, guidance, calculators, and other resources
Better Buildings partners feature their most successful energy efficiency projects. These resources provide information on real projects and high-impact technologies, and the strategies and findings are backed by real financial and energy savings data. 

Financing Navigator
The Navigator is an online tool that helps public and private sector organizations find financing solutions for energy efficiency projects. There are many ways to finance energy efficiency projects in buildings you own or occupy.

Better Buildings videos feature the people behind the buildings, and the energy strategies and policies undertaken to complete upgrade projects. Additional videos are available on the U.S. Department of Energy's YouTube channel.

At the 2016 Better Buildings Summit over 225 speakers shared successful strategies for driving greater energy efficiency across their building portfolios. Presentations cover a variety of topics including financing, high impact technologies, data driven results, partnerships, portfolio-wide, behavior change strategies and more.