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Appraisal-Related Resources for High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings

For Appraisers, Investors, Owners and Other Users of Commercial Appraisal Services

Historically, there has been a disconnect in commercial real estate between building developers, owners, and investors when attempting to identify the best method of analyzing an investment in energy efficient, green building, or high performance building features. This challenge is often reflected in the appraisal process for commercial real estate, where a lack of information exchange between the involved parties can lead to missed opportunities and valuations that do not effectively incorporate the costs and benefits of energy efficiency. To address this challenge, DOE developed a working group that included The Appraisal Foundation, Appraisal Institute, appraisal professionals with experience in green and high performance buildings, lenders, and commercial real estate sustainability leaders.

Commercial appraisers can play a critical role by appropriately valuing energy performance and high performance building features in the appraisal process and providing accurate information for real estate investors seeking to increase value through energy efficient strategies. The resources below were reviewed and selected by the working group participants, and are designed to help simplify information gathering processes, provide industry background and context for owners, lenders, and appraisers, and link to key training opportunities that will assist appraisers in gathering the data and developing the skills needed to competently appraise high performance commercial buildings and building attributes.