Market Solutions

Through the Better Buildings Alliance, the market solutions team coordinates with industry leaders to overcome non-technical barriers to energy efficiency through stakeholder engagement, research, and market transformation.

Providing building owners with energy data through city and utility partnerships: Energy Data Access - Blueprint for Action
Create Sustainable Landlord-Tenant Relationships: Green Lease Leaders
Find Financing for Your Energy Efficiency Projects: Financing Navigator

Featured Market Solutions

Leasing & Tenant Build-Out

The Leasing & Tenant Build-Out team is committed to minimizing the landlord/tenant split incentive. Through programs like Green Lease Leaders, leading organizations are using green leasing clauses, developing build-out specifications, and providing design options to reduce the total cost of occupancy over the life of the lease.


Maximizing the Value of Energy Data

Good utility data can be critical to implementing and measuring impactful energy improvements. Partners have found numerous different paths to improve utility data access and quality and transform that data into action through tools and programs such as ISO 50001 or submetering.


Onsite Solar & Building Valuation

Rooftop solar is increasingly deployed as a renewable energy strategy, and practitioners in the field are just learning how it may positively affect asset value. Discover solutions from building owners and managers on how they made the business case for PV and found increased asset value during appraisal or at the time of sale.


Portfolio Approach to Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization

This solution area presents innovative approaches to develop a financial and organizational case for large-scale energy projects across multiple sites, helping organizations to tackle even more ambitious energy savings opportunities.


Waste Reduction & Diversion

The Waste Reduction & Diversion team works with organizations to address challenges and share best practices related to waste management in commercial sectors. The team is also exploring the waste-energy nexus to better understand the relationship between waste reduction and energy efficiency.


Other Projects

View earlier Market Solutions projects, including high-performance building valuation, energy efficiency financing, and energy data access.

Energy Data Access

The Energy Data Access team facilitated improved access to building performance data in order to drive benchmarking and other forms of energy performance analysis that serve as the foundation for strategic energy management.


Energy Efficiency Project Financing

The Energy Efficiency Project Financing team worked with industry leaders to develop resources proving the value of efficiency projects, information on collaborative groups, and guidance to explain energy efficiency financing mechanisms – including tools like the Better Buildings Financing Navigator.


High-Performance Property Valuation & Mortgages

Meeting at the intersection of energy efficiency and financial performance, this effort provided scalable interventions intended to increase data sharing and improve the consideration of energy in the valuation and underwriting of energy performance building attributes.


Join a Technology Campaign

Experts from DOE’s national labs lead Technology Campaigns that provide guidance and recognition for participants in specific technology areas ranging from interior lighting to rooftop units.

Explore Technology Research Teams

 Experts from DOE's National Labs analyze the latest research and development on a range of building technologies with the goal of providing market-ready solutions to partners.

Get Involved

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