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IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Challenge

Working in Partnership to Develop Luminaires that can be Upgraded in the Near Future With IOT Sensors and Devices

Calling all participants: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored IoT (Internet of Things) Upgradeable Lighting Challenge invites end-users and manufacturers to be recognized for their participation and creative input regarding the widespread adoption of IoT-Upgradeable Luminaires. These luminaires will increase energy efficiency while also offering solutions that:

  • Are IoT-upgradeable with an IoT sensor/device that can be installed easily from below the luminaire at a future date;
  • Have the capability to support and power the IoT sensor/device. The IoT sensor or device can send data to be stored and analyzed by another building system; and
  • Are priced competitively with comparable systems that are not upgradeable or connected.

Most commercial building lighting systems do not include lighting controls and are either difficult or impossible to upgrade after installation. The IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Challenge is an opportunity for manufacturers to meet demonstrated market potential and develop a luminaire that can be upgraded with IoT devices/sensors in the future. The IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Challenge adds value for building owners, operators, and occupants by unlocking additional benefits that can be delivered by lighting through IoT applications – now and in the future.

Over 30% of lighting energy use can be saved when lighting controls are installed. Installing IoT sensors can help make buildings smart, and when combined with existing light fixtures, provide an ideal platform for integrating advanced controls to further promote energy savings.

Simple LED luminaires are being installed now, but IoT features needed in the future will require significant modifications or new luminaires.


IoT-upgradeable luminaires can be upgraded in the future from below the ceiling plane with virtually no labor when your facility is ready for the IoT application.


Interested in Joining?

To learn more about how your organization can participate in the IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Challenge, reach out to us today for more information.

IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Fact Sheet

Get more information about the benefits of IoT-Upgradeable Lighting and how it can help your building become smarter!

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions and answers on the IoT-Upgradeable Lighting Challenge.

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