Better Buildings Accelerators: Solutions

Better Buildings Accelerator partners are exchanging best practices, and documenting their results by developing unique resources designed to address a specific barrier to energy efficiency. Case studies, checklists, reports, and other technical guidance can be easily found in these toolkits:

  • Industrial Superior Energy Performance Toolkit: demonstrate the cost savings by implementing SEP enterprise-wide, as well as to demonstrate strategic energy management through SEP as an effective ratepayer-funded program offering for industrial facilities. 
  • Energy Data Access: Blueprint for Action: created by partners in the Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator, this toolkit is a collection of resources that will enable other utilities and communities to learn and benefit from the work of the Accelerator.

Case studies, reports, publications, guidance, calculators, and other technical resources
Better Buildings Accelerator partners feature their most successful energy efficiency projects. These resources provide information on real projects and high-impact technologies, and the strategies and findings are backed by real financial and energy savings data. 

At the 2016 Better Buildings Summit over 225 speakers shared successful strategies for driving greater energy efficiency across their building portfolios. Presentations cover a variety of topics including financing, high impact technologies, data driven results, partnerships, portfolio-wide, behavior change strategies and more.

Solutions at a Glance
Better Buildings partners share these practical and ready to replicate solutions. Designed to be quick reads and to help you not recreate the wheel, these solutions include checklists, questionnaires, calculators, and other tools for use in your energy savings projects and programs.

Financing Navigator
The Navigator is an online tool that helps public and private sector organizations find financing solutions for energy efficiency projects. There are many ways to finance energy efficiency projects in buildings you own or occupy.