CHP Webinar Series

The webinar series includes presentations related to packaged CHP technologies, markets, and policies, as well as topical information about the Packaged CHP Accelerator and eCatalog developments.

Title Date Description
CHP Programs and Market Engagement Efforts March 20, 2019 Covers CHP program outreach, technical assistance, and education activities designed to enhance the deployment of packaged CHP. The webinar highlights NYSERDA’s CHP Program and features speakers from NYSERDA and ERS.
CHP in Microgrids & Packaged CHP for Enhanced Resilience August 15, 2019 Provides an overview of how CHP can enhance resilience (results, tools, and resources from DOE's CHP for Resiliency Accelerator), and how CHP can serve as the base for resilient clean energy microgrids. The webinar features a microgrid case study from Montclair State University.
CHP Feasibility Screening Options & Working with the CHP TAPs September 25, 2019 Highlights DOE’s CHP Technical Partnerships (TAPs) and how they can help Customer Engagement Partners (states and utilities with CHP deployment programs) promote packaged CHP to end-users and design engineers in their regions.
CHP Incentive Programs: Program Design, Analysis, and Implementation October 23, 2019 This webinar details the approach to designing and implementing a CHP deployment program from a utility perspective (DTE Energy – Michigan). It focuses on assessing CHP program development steps, valuating program design options, and challenges & benefits in program implementation.
CHP Programs: Application Review and EM&V Best Practices December 4, 2019 Provides an overview of CHP deployment programs from a state perspective (Maryland), focusing on the application requirements and review process for a CHP project incentive, and evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) of project savings.
Better Buildings Summit 2020: Packaged CHP eCatalog and Accelerator Program June 10, 2020 An overview of the Packaged CHP eCatalog and Accelerator Program focused on the benefits of packaged CHP and how the eCatalog and accelerator can facilitate growth in non-traditional CHP markets.
CHP Financing Strategies, Solutions, and Case Studies June 24, 2020 Provides an overview of CHP financing strategies, relevant tools and resources, and detailed case studies highlighting different financing approaches for three recent CHP projects.
Renewable Natural Gas: Opportunities and Challenges for the CHP Industry November 5, 2020 Provides an overview of the use of renewable natural gas (RNG) by utilities and in CHP systems. Includes information on CHP’s role in decarbonization, opportunities and challenges for RNG use in the CHP industry, and a utility perspective on RNG.
REopt Lite February 18, 2021 Highlights and demonstrates NREL’s free, online REopt Lite web tool that was developed to perform feasibility analyses for grid-connected photovoltaics, wind, and battery storage. The tool uses tailored facility data (including utility rates, billing history, and local weather) to help users identify optimal system sizes and battery dispatch strategies that minimize energy costs. In this latest update supported by DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office, the REopt Lite team added CHP and thermal storage, expanding the model’s scope beyond electric-only strategies to include a new universe of thermal energy opportunities.
Microgrid Database and Website March 25, 2021 Introduces DOE's new Microgrid Installation Database. The database includes information on operational microgrids across the United States, similar to the CHP Installation Database. Many microgrids include packaged CHP systems for resilient baseload power and heat. This webinar reviews summary statistics and trends related to microgrids with CHP and provides a demonstration of the new Microgrid Database website.
CHP and Hydrogen April 29, 2021 Industry experts discuss the infrastructure and operational requirements of using hydrogen as a fuel for CHP systems, the current status and future capability of CHP systems operating on hydrogen, and how hydrogen-fueled CHP can be a key path to deep decarbonization.
CHP for Hospitals May 26, 2021 Cliff Haefke, Director of the DOE’s Midwest CHP TAP, Jack Sins, Vice President of Business Development, Unison Energy, and Mark Mears, Director of Facility Management at Union Hospital of Cecil County discuss the opportunities, challenges, and benefits of applying CHP at hospitals and healthcare facilities.
CHP and Controlled Environment Agriculture/Greenhouses September 22, 2021 Rich Sweetser, Coordinator of the DOE Packaged CHP eCatalog; Aaron Tasin, Vice President of Product Support Operations and Sales for Northeast Energy Systems/Western Energy Systems; and Dick Kramp, CEO at AB Greenhouse Power Netherlands discussed the opportunities, challenges, and benefits of applying CHP in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) applications.

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