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About the Better Buildings Challenge

A cornerstone of Better Buildings is the Better Buildings Challenge, a leadership initiative calling on CEOs, university presidents, building owners, state and local government leaders, and residential housing developers to publicly pledge to reduce the energy use of their entire building portfolios. More than 250 leaders from diverse sectors have stepped up to the Challenge, representing over 3.5 billion square feet, 650 manufacturing plants, and $5.5 billion in financing investments.

Across the country, partners have shared energy data for more than 32,000 properties and are reporting savings of 20% or more at 4,500 properties, and 10% or more at 12,000 properties. This means partners are on track to meet energy savings goals, saving on average 2% each year or $840 million since the program launched. As partners continue to meet their goals to save energy, they have also contributed more than 125 showcase projects and 80 unique implementation models.These solutions are now available online to help other organizations implement their own energy efficiency projects.

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