50001 Ready for Utilities and Implementers

50001 Ready is a self-guided approach for facilities to establish a continuous energy improvement practice in conformance with the ISO 50001 voluntary standard for energy management systems in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. ISO 50001 is designed to link the C-suite with facility personnel to better value and plan for energy improvement. The standard is complementary to other professional benchmarks and certifications, such as ENERGY STAR or LEED; implementation of an ISO 50001 structure can improve a facility’s performance within other energy commitments or credentials. 50001 Ready offers:

  1. A self-paced, no cost, do-it-yourself approach to implement ISO 50001 practices without certification
  2. Guidance to identify facility-wide energy use and develop action plans for performance improvement
  3. Ability for a 3rd party implementer to provide technical support and help desk functions as needed
  4. A means to quantify and track overall facility energy savings across all fuels, including the ability to separate capital projects from operations and maintenance (O&M) improvements
  5. 50001 Ready recognition upon accomplishment of self-attested achievement, without external audits

What value does 50001 Ready bring to Program Implementers?

>> Customer and Client Engagement Program Offering:
50001 Ready resources are designed to be handed off to Program Implementers—including utilities, states, municipalities, public benefits administrators, disclosure groups, and other membership organizations—as a direct offering for their customers. 50001 Ready can be structured either as an energy program or as a customer engagement platform for increased customer satisfaction.

Energy Program. 50001 Ready offers implementers the ability to engage customers and build long-term relationships to quantify O&M savings and develop a pipeline of future improvement opportunities. 50001 Ready can also be the springboard for deeper strategic energy management (SEM) programs.

Customer Satisfaction. 50001 Ready offers the ability to provide a service for key customers to build relationships and assist in understanding, planning and managing energy. The implementer can offer the 50001 Ready tools and provide customer support to maintain contact throughout the process.

>> How Does 50001 Ready Relate to Existing SEM Programs?
50001 Ready can be a starting point for implementers interested in energy management and continuous improvement, or it can be a complement to existing and established energy management programs.

Starting Point. For implementers seeking to assist customers in identifying energy savings, 50001 Ready can be the gateway to start pursuing these savings. Through the program, the implementer can provide ‘help desk’ technical assistance and help to quantify overall facility energy savings.

Existing SEM Programs. For implementers with existing energy management or continuous energy improvement programs, 50001 Ready can be used as a front-end customer engagement program to build a pipeline of future SEM engagement opportunities.

>> Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program Uptake:
50001 Ready can improve customer participation and performance in existing energy efficiency programs.

Energy Efficiency Programs. Participation in 50001 Ready leads to greater understanding of energy use, savings opportunities and executive level commitment to energy investments, and helps to develop a prioritized list of short- and long-term opportunities where implementers may be able to provide incentives or technical support.

Energy Performance Recognition. The 50001 Ready program leads to increased commitment to energy performance and savings. For implementer programs based around benchmarking, ENERGY STAR or other performance based certification, 50001 Ready can establish the internal corporate culture that will lead to increased and sustained savings and performance.

How will an Implementer partnership with 50001 Ready work?

Partnerships with 50001 Ready can be tailored to support each implementer’s specific needs. At the simplest level, implementers may agree to direct their customers to the DOE program and tools as an optional or required resource. At the most comprehensive level, implementers may choose to run their own version of a 50001 Ready-based program with custom resources, requirements, and recognition, using a basic structure:

  • Program implementers, not DOE, will be the face of the program to their own customers.
  • DOE will maintain the basic set of tasks and resources in the 50001 Ready Navigator guide to align with ISO 50001, but implementers will have the freedom to add requirements, conditions, and resources specific to their own program or jurisdiction.
  • Energy performance data may be derived from a variety of tools and calculators; reporting requirements may be determined by implementers that issue their own recognition.
  • Recognition can be jointly issued by the implementer and DOE, allowing implementers to establish their own terms to address ownership and net-to-gross concerns.

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Additional Resources

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In May 2017, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory published the "Guide for Determining Energy Savings from Changes in Operations, Behavior, and Maintenance Procedures" to provide savings estimation methodologies for non-capital energy performance improvement actions. This guide has been developed for facilities participating in SEM programs and using a whole-facility approach to measurement and verification.
In February 2017, the Bonneville Power Administration conducted an impact evaluation of its SEM program. The study found the program to save an average of 2.3% energy consumption, with persistent savings that increased each year. Find out more: Highlights | Presentation | Final Report
Frequently Asked Questions

Click "More" below to read Frequently Asked Questions about partnering with 50001 Ready as a utility, public benefits administrator, or other implementer. Additional FAQs can be found here.

How does the 50001 Ready program work with utility SEM programs?

The 50001 Ready program is designed to complement and support strategic energy management (SEM) and continuous energy improvement (CEI) programs offered by utilities around the country. By adhering to the structure of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard (EnMS), 50001 Ready provides a common benchmark that can be used in the design and evaluation of SEM and CEI programs, and also offers publicly available tools to measure, track and report energy savings.

What does it mean for utilities or public benefits administrators to become a 50001 Ready partner?

Utilities and public benefits administrators (PBAs) can partner with the 50001 Ready program in a variety of ways, tailored to the maturity and needs of their SEM programs. At the simplest level, utilities and PBAs may agree to direct their customers to the DOE program and tools, either as a requirement for their SEM programs or simply as a helpful resource. At the most comprehensive level, utilities and PBAs may choose to fully rebrand and host the tools developed by DOE, and run their own version of a 50001 Ready-based program with custom resources, requirements, and recognition. To discuss what kind of partnership might work best for you, please contact us.

How does becoming a 50001 Ready partner benefit utilities and public benefits administrators?

Because 50001 Ready aligns directly with the requirements and best practices of ISO 50001—the global standard for effective energy management—partnering with the 50001 Ready program provides utilities with a clear structure and benchmark for designing and evaluating SEM programs. In addition, SEM programs using the 50001 Ready tools can more clearly articulate the gaps and complements between program requirements and ISO 50001 requirements, and better help their customers track progress to certification.

What does it mean to “rebrand” 50001 Ready tools?

All 50001 Ready resources (i.e., the 50001 Ready Navigator and EnPI Lite) have been designed with open-source protocols that can be freely accessed by the general public. Utilities, PBAs, and implementers of the 50001 Ready program have the ability to use our source-code and host their own version of the tools on their data servers, using their own logos, color scheme, and supplementary resources. Maintenance of rebranded tools will be the responsibility of the partner organization, though DOE can offer limited support for technical troubleshooting.

Are utilities and public benefits administrators the only organizations that can rebrand 50001 Ready tools?

No, any interested organization (e.g., disclosure groups, trade associations, funding organizations, energy services companies) may rebrand 50001 Ready tools to implement their own programs, but this must be coordinated with DOE. Please contact us for more information.