Goals Progress
$100 Million$1.2 MillionAs of December 2012

SCIenergy is the market leader in the sale of energy efficiency as a service, enabling private institutions, corporations and commercial property owners to dramatically improve their energy performance and make substantial upgrades in building energy systems without incurring additional debt. SCIenergy's Managed Energy Services Agreement (MESA) is a market‐tested approach to achieving 25% ‐ 40% savings improvements in large buildings and campuses via a services contract.

Markets Served: 

SCIenergy's MESA model was originally designed for commercial property, to enable the provision of a range of energy services along with major new capital systems without violating mortgage covenants and while remaining an operating expense to tenants. These same attributes make it a potential solution for other private property that is naturally averse to assuming additional debt, such as private universities and hospitals, industrial and other corporate property.

Products and Services: 

Under SCIenergy's Managed Energy Services Agreement, a building pays its historical energy usage (adjusted for weather and occupancy) for the contract period, and SCIenergy pays for the building's utilities. During the contract, SCIenergy invests in capital upgrades to lower the utility bill and recoup its investment. The model is entirely transparent, with all development costs, bids, savings calculations, and flows of investment visible during all phases of the contract. SCIenergy is also technology‐ and contractor‐agnostic; it imposes no proprietary systems or products on its clients and invites clients to nominate engineers and construction contractors to bid on and implement its projects. After a retrofit, SCIenergy uses its software (SCIwatch) to monitor building operations and ensure savings are achieved.

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