Greenwood Energy


Goals Progress
$50 Million$33.3 MillionAs of December 2013

Greenwood Energy (GWE) is focused on providing practical, cost-effective solutions to the clean power generation space. GWE is a subsidiary of the Libra Group, a privately owned global conglomerate operating from 18 locations across four continents.

Greenwood Energy has committed to fund at least $50 million of projects through the Better Buildings Challenge. Greenwood Energy provides full-service, delivering a full array of benefits from energy efficiency projects—from cost savings to grid independence—while allowing building owners to remain focused on their core businesses and mandates.

Markets Served: 

Greenwood Energy strives to serve a diverse customer base. This includes utilities, universities, hospitals, hotels, and manufacturing plants, and they are open to discussions with other customer types as well.

GWE's most recent focus is on providing energy efficient, cost-effective distributed generation solutions for a wide number of customers. Through long-term power purchase or energy savings agreements, Greenwood's projects deliver reliable, "off the grid" clean electricity and steam while reducing the customer's operating costs. GWE custom tailors the best energy efficiency project for each customer's needs.

Products and Services: 

Greenwood Energy deploys its own equity capital to develop and fund these projects. GWE looks to provide a turnkey solution to its customers—from providing the upfront capital to developing a project to managing long-term operation & management services.

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