GE Capital


Goals Progress
$50 Million

The GE Capital Lighting Retrofit Program brings 120 years of lighting expertise, 40 years of vendor finance insight, competitive pricing, inclusive invoicing and financing flexibility for ECO energy friendly equipment to a wide spectrum of building owners.

The Lighting Retrofit Program offers indirect financing solutions to generate a positive cash flow through energy cost savings. A dedicated coverage team aims to provide speed, reliability and responsiveness along with a full suite of products.

Markets Served: 

GE Capital Lighting Retrofit partners with distributors to channel online submissions for building owners. Covering a broad range of building types, Lighting Retrofit concentrates on building owners that are committed to investing in their business. Emphasis is placed on tailored credit solutions, competitive structures and risk based pricing for each customer.

Products and Services: 

Lighting Retrofit works to coordinate successful financing solutions for building owners into one fixed monthly payment. Offering 100% invoice financing, equipment, install and recycling, GE Capital can finance improvements to building infrastructure immediately.

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